Why the Hub & Spoke Business Model Isn’t Sustainable for Your Company | Lori Winters | Part 1 of…

Lori Winters is the founder of Thread HCM (formerly Choice Payroll, Inc.) which provides mid-sized businesses a strategic partnership of managed services for HR and payroll functions. Her passion for the industry and desire to change the way companies function fuel her every move.

As an Engineering Graduate from Georgia Tech, Lori is always looking at how to rework systems and build upon them for improvement. She found a flawed system in the standard workplace. As a member of the Independent Payroll Providers’ Association, Lori sought to bring positive change to the payroll industry which won her the election as the organization’s President. After her tenure, her continued push for a better workplace drove her to make it her company mission.

Before starting her company, Lori held a successful career in the telecommunications industry, from network engineering to international sales and sales management. She then helped launch an outsourced accounting services firm, where she saw the need for assistance in the payroll and HR industries.

After studying several organizations, Lori found that the culture in a company directly impacted the engagement level of employees, which directly affected discretionary effort and productivity. Published in 2017, Lori authored her first ebook; “Employee Engagement Drives Business Success.” Her theories have already seen results as she has led Thread to many awards including Best Places to Work, and most recently, its induction onto the Inc. 5000 list. Continually working to get better, Lori is involved in several elite business groups both nationally and locally that work together to better each other, their industries and the community.

Along with her husband, Dale, Lori raises three independent daughters who keep her looking toward the future, always thinking about how to make the world a better place, and she’s starting with how we work.


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