Town Hall #76 – One Orange Cow – CMS for Franchises, importer, DB manager and client solution. WATCH

Brendan Byrne and Richard Lane of One Orange Cow, one of the earlier Business Catalyst partners, will give an early sneak preview of their CMS system designed for franchise businesses, and accommodating (in the near future) for the roll out of multi site web solutions for franchisees.

You’ll also see their data importer and database management tool, built on platformOS, that will soon be available via the Module Marketplace.

In this session you will hear about:

– Creating the right tool for the job – how pOS can be utilized in different (and literally unlimited) ways.

– The powerful tools that are to be made available to the pOS community.

– One Orange Cow’s upcoming CMS platform.

– New integrated WYSIWYG content editor – not based on HTML or markdown delta saves.