Things to know before starting a Web3 Business, Investment Fund or Franchise.

Bernard Coleman is the founder of The Coleman Law Firm. He has closed more than $1 billion dollars in transactions for clients in a variety of industries, including technology, entertainment, venture capital, healthcare, and more.

His firm specializes in representing diverse founders, small businesses, and early-stage growth companies through the stages of formation, organization, capitalization, expansion, and acquisition.

In this interview, Bernard discusses:

– Why he left the world of “Big Law” to start his own firm.
– Helping underrepresented founders raise capital via equity crowdfunding.
– The legal requirements involved in creating an investment fund.
– The legal ramifications of not differentiating between independent contractors and employees.
– Best practices for trademark protection.
– Determining when a cryptocurrency should be classified as either a utility token or a security.
– Intellectual property issues in the Metaverse.
– The benefits of acquiring businesses via the franchise model.

Disclaimer: The information provided does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information provided is for general informational purposes only.



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