The Top 11 Dental Billing Companies – RCM Service Companies To Watch in 2023

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1:49 DCS – Dental Claim Support
2:46 eAssist
3:38 EZ Dental Billing
4:20 Dynamic Dental Solutions (DDS)
4:59 Dental Claims Cleanup
5:35 Medusind
6:12 Elevate Billing Solutions
7:08 Dental Revenue Group
7:49 Dental Performance Experts
8:32 Retrace
9:18 All Smiles Dental Solutions
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If you’re just starting your research for the right dental billing company for your dental office or group, how do you best compare them?

A billing company that makes the latest top leader list may be popular. But how do you select good candidates to meet your current and future goals?

A list of top dental billing companies adds value to your research if it helps you evaluate them in terms of what your dental business needs. Dental billing companies exist to help you collect more revenue, and worry less about your billing process. But each company will bring unique experience and processes.

In this video, we’re sharing an up-to-date list of the best dental billing companies of 2023, with key factors to consider when comparing them.

All of the information we’ve gathered on each dental billing company has been taken directly from the respective company’s website and/or LinkedIn.

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