The Disruptive Business Model Connecting the World | NuRAN Wireless (NUR)

Did you know 53% of the world is not connected to the internet? That is a big problem that needs a robust solution. Luckily, NuRAN Wireless Inc (CNSX:NUR, OTCMKTS:NRRWF) offers the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption and easiest to deploy wireless solutions. NuRAN builds telecom towers, services major telecommunications mobile operations, and expands existing telecom services in the world’s most rural and remote areas. Currently, the company is most active in Africa. NuRAN has recently undergone a major structural change and created a disruptive telecom business model that investors are recognizing.

00:00 – NuRAN Wireless CEO Francis Létourneau
00:49 – Business overview
01:35 – Servicing rural areas
02:44 – 10x share jump cause
04:29 – Company stats
06:50 – Buyout potential/partnerships
08:51 – Recent share price consolidation
10:43 – Future corporate milestones

NuRAN underwent a one for twenty-five rollback of its issued and outstanding common shares, reducing the share count to approximately 32.5 million. The company is also working on a debt structure that would mean less dilution for future shareholders. Along with these restructurings, NuRAN has adopted a sales process that puts them firmly in control. A Network-as-a-Solution (NaaS) model has created a more sustainable revenue stream with expected solid EBITDA.

NuRAN is already operating in twenty countries with 20 countries with 435 operational sites. But, the company signed its first contract using this new business model with Orange SA (NYSE:ORAN) to build another 2,000 networking sites in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The first 242 Cameroon sites are expected to be fully operational this year, at which time Nuran will start invoicing Orange.

NuRAN’s objective isn’t to stop there. 10,000 is the number of sites the company has tasked itself to complete over the next five years. The growing pipeline is in the proposal stage with large mobile wireless operators (MNOs) such as MTN Group Limited (JSE:MTN) and Vodacom Group Ltd (JSE:VOD) for the company’s next round of contracts.

“The 10,000 sites is not a dream. It’s something realistic. There’s 30,000 sites to be built in Africa based on GSMA and Tower Exchange survey and we aim to do one-third if not more of this. And the new products we launched allow us to go in Latin America and Asia Pacific as well. So, bottom line, there will be multiple catalysts in the coming weeks.” – NuRAN Wireless CEO Francis Létourneau

Israeli satellite operator Spacecom is buying a 9.3% stake in NuRAN to deepen its presence across Africa. The $3.2 million deal includes exclusive rights for providing satellite capacity and bandwidth to NuRAN’s future operations in Africa, where Spacecom provides services with its Amos-17 spacecraft. It also covers managed services contracts NuRAN has to extend telco Orange’s mobile network in Cameroon and the DRC.

Watch the full interview to learn how NuRAN is working every day to democratize access to wireless mobile services and telecommunication in rural and remote areas for everyone.