Recruiting for Franchises- Krista Wright Recruiting Expert As a Franchise advisor, I work with many Franchisors and franchisees to develop their franchises. Today my guest is recruiting expert Krista Wright from Recruiting Concepts.
In the video we discuss recruiting for franchisees and franchisors. We also discuss
– Current trends in the recruiting sector
– Recruiting is now a candidate lead market
– Passive markets and candidates
– Recruiting staff for franchises
– Franchises that require less staff
– Is training expected of new staff
– Can training reduce employee churn?
– How to work with a recruiter
– Partnering with franchises and introducing other experts.

(Andrew) Good morning! Andrew, here again from My Franchise Partners, and I’m joined today by Krista Wright of Recruiting Concepts in Burlington, Ontario.

We’re going to talk about recruiting issues, in business in general and with franchises in particular.
We will look at some of the trends and habits of the past, where we’re going in the future, potentially, and tap into Krista’s wealth of experience.
So good morning Krista! Thanks for joining us today.

(Krista) Thank you for having me! Good morning Andrew!

(Andrew) Thank you very much!
Maybe you can enlighten us a little bit this morning about some of the current trends as you see them from your perspective, in the recruiting sector?

(Krista) For sure, yeah, I’ll just start off with maybe a little bit of an intro in terms of my business and kind of a few things of what I’m offering—what I’m doing, and then I’m happy to answer that question because here’s a lot to that question.

So first off, I have a business called Recruiting Concepts, which is an executive-style search that I’m offering companies that have both in-house HR and those that are owner managed and go without an internal HR.

There are plenty of complexities these days when it comes to hiring for those businesses. And then additionally, I have a new service offering, I am the Canadian partner of a company called Jobilla.

We are introducing a digital head-hunting solution that helps companies tap into passive candidate markets. That is a new service.

So what’s going on in recruiting? To put it simply, it is very much a candidate-led market, and it has been for some time, and it’s predicted to continue to be so.
So what does that mean? It means very simply that it is the candidates who have the choice—they have the power, they are somewhat in control, because the opportunities are plentiful.
And if you are a skilled person with an interest in a new opportunity, there are opportunities with a lot of companies.

(Andrew) One comment I found very interesting in there, and thank you for that by the way, was about the passive market.
Over the years I’ve written many operations manuals for a number of Independent Business owners and franchisees and franchisors as well.
And I always discuss a passive market. From my perspective, that could be older people, some are bored being retired, it could be students, it could be a housewife, house husband, whatever, who has some spare time.
Doesn’t want to commit too much but have some time to spare to get out of the house and do some work. Is that how you identify that as well? Or something?

(Krista) Yeah, if we look at our employee workforce right now, I can tell you the portion of it that are actively and decidedly job searching, shockingly is only about 15% of our workforce
(Andrew) Really?
(Krista) Yeah!
(Andrew) I am shocked.
(Krista) Yeah, so 15% of folks are actively on job boards, are hunting around, are promoting themselves as people that are seeking a new opportunity. And the reasons that they may be actively job searching can be a number of things.

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