Pivot Tables: MUST-KNOW for Business & Finance Professionals

Learn Pivot Tables for Business & Finance roles. In this step-by-step excel tutorial, we analyse a dataset through a real-life simulation with our manager using pivot tables.

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We learn how to insert pivot tables, pivot charts, slicers, as well as all the pivot table fields. We create columns, rows, and different values such as sums and averages using the value field settings. Then, we learn to calculate new fields discover how profitable Apple’s operations are.
Then, we start working on the pivot table visuals. From inserting pivot charts, to creating dynamic slicers, we cover it all. Lastly, we learn the different design settings ranging from borders to highlight colors.

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0:00​ -​ Pivot Table Dataset
0:58​ – Pivot Table Analysis
5:17​ – Pivot Charts
7:27​ – Advanced Pivot Tables
8:56​ – Slicers & Design

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