NAV Boost | Business Credit Scores Explained

In this video, Kelvin gives a full review of a business credit app and service for small businesses called NAV. NAV is a credit monitoring platform that helps small businesses build credit. This platform bridges small businesses with financing options and programs. There are currently 4 different memberships offered by NAV; all of which are covered in great detail in this video. Kelvin also explains Business Credit scoring models and gives 4 reasons every small business owner should not only build but also track and monitor their business credit reports and scores.

—– Chapters —–
00:00 – Intro
01:28 – 4 reasons to monitor your business credit report
04:14 – NAV’s standard (free) membership
09:08 – NAV’s paid memberships
12:39 – Business credit scoring models

NAV Business Credit signup links:

Business Manager plan ($29.99)

Business Boost plan ($39.99)

To see all NAV pricing plans

NAV Small Business Grant

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