How the Mexican cartels are making profits now

Mexican cartels and criminals are the leading producers of illegal synthetic drugs. This shift is fuelling the latest phase in America’s opioid crisis.

00:00 – The growing market of illicit synthetic drugs
01:05 – Mexico’s booming production of illegal fentanyl
02:22 – The third wave of America’s opioid crisis
03:56 – What are the costs of illicit fentanyl production?
04:53 – How is illegal fentanyl manufactured?
05:33 – What is China’s role?
06:51 – How dangerous is producing fentanyl?
07:53 – Why have cartels turned to fentanyl?
09:33 – Why are fentanyl pills so popular?
11:39 – The gig economy and illicit drug production
12:51 – How is fentanyl production democratising Mexico’s drug market?

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