GV Vadevalor Europe. Webinar with selected fund managers.

On Tuesday 11th October, Gordon Puckey hosted a webinar, with presentations from each of the fund managers selected to manage the GV Vadevalor Europe Fund. The event created an opportunity to learn from some of Europe’s most prolific equity investors.

We asked Stefan Dudacy, a specialist in German small caps, to explain the investment approach he has employed in generating alpha over the past 15 years – and Marcos Hernandez Aguado to address the current situation in the oil market. We asked the managers of the Arctic Nordic Equities Fund to explain how they have managed to grow investors’ capital by a factor of more than three times since 2012 (14% per year) – and how Rosemary Banyard has been able to outperform in her chosen market for more than 20 years.

Javier Ribas Meneu explained the criteria employed by Vadevalor in selecting its elite band of managers, and what he believes investors should expect given the attractive valuations on offer in European equities at this time.

Each presenter provided some general background about themselves, and talked to a particular investment case: WashTec AG by Allianz Global Investors, Cenovus Energy by SIA, Fountaine Pajot by I D A M , Groupe SII by Augustus Capital Asset Management, Grenergy Renovables by Gesconsult SGIIC, Stora Enso by Arctic Asset Management, and Aptitude Software by Downing LLP.