Business Model Canvas Revenue Streams and Pricing

Use the Business Model Canvas Revenue Sources segment to document your hypotheses around your startup business model revenue sources – how exactly you will charge customers to create revenue. This is clearly an important part of your business model generation process – and you’ll need to test these hypotheses with customers to make sure they agree that they way you are charging for your value makes sense to them! In this video we review some key revenue sources hypotheses you’ll need to capture and test:

– How will you charge customers?
– Who will you charge (in a multi-sided market)?
– Pricing: How will you set the price for each customer?
– Value pricing: what are customers willing to pay?
– Pricing: Given all the above – what is your price?

This video is part of a Business Model Canvas series to help you capture and test your startup business model using the business model canvas template. The Business Model Canvas Explained series includes videos on :

– Customer segments
– Value proposition
– Customer relationship
– Channels
– Revenue sources
– Partners
– Key activities
– Key resources
– Cost structure

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