Business Experts: Market issues that have them thinking

In this business tv show, join international business experts Ian Coleman, Partner, Head of emerging markets, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK, Tony Dickel, CEO, MRI China, and Chris Runckel, President, Runckel and Associates, as they talk about upcoming issues they see for businesses operating in emerging economies.

Ian Coleman: I think that what we have seen is a growing change to one of acceptance that it isn’t novel, its business as usual. A growing change towards the integration of emerging market managers into the managerial structures of multi international companies because the importance of doing business in those countries.

Tony Dickel: You’ve got the 1billion US dollars a week of foreign investment, you’ve got the 3000 companies a month, you’ve got the 10% economic growth, all an environment of an emerging population of only children, there isn’t a hope in hell that demographically China can create enough middle management and senior management over the next 20 years and so to support what’s going to be going on in China in the context of economic and corporate growth and the need for mid-senior level talent, not a chance, especially as many of the better Chinese people are also being exported overseas. So apart from that everything’s great. It’s going to be easy.

Chris Runckel: One of the things we feel very passionate about really is the problem that we see in all of these developing countries with the failure to invest into the education system. All of these countries what you see is that investment in education is insufficient for the requirements that are being set by the growing economy and so you start developing problems where you cant get the quality of engineers, of accountants and of a wide range of people that you require for these new type of economies..

Ian Coleman: When we think of joint venturing and so on it’s often in the context of a developed market company joint venturing to enter an emerging market to serve them and provide goods and services there but …