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The Payment Agent s that the Company hires to carry out non-trading transactions under this Agreement is also a Party Parties to this Agreement. The following documents are an integral part of this Service Agreement see more to this Service Agreement: Regulation on trading transactions; b.

The Company may unilaterally alter the list, name, and content of annexes to this Agreement. The Company may add new annexes to the Agreement more info delete existing ones without making any deposit bonus депозит это to this clause.

The text of the Service Agreement and of the annexes to it is referred to as the Agreement. The posted offer is not public. The Company at its sole discretion may refuse to enter deposit bonus депозит это an Agreement with anyone without explaining the reasons for refusal or, if registration took place, to terminate contractual relations and to block access to the trading terminal.

The Client must carefully review the terms of the Agreement. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Client agrees to the terms of all its annexes listed above, confirms that he or she is of legal age, legally competent, and not resident of a state where trading in binary options may be deemed illegal. The Client also represents and warrants to the Company that: The client will adhere to legal norms, in particular international norms aimed at controlling illegal trade, financial fraud, and money laundering; 1.

The Client will not use the trading terminal or website to collude in illegal financial deposit bonus депозит это or any other illegal transaction; 1. The Client legally possesses the money and has the right to use it. The Client is not a federal or municipal civil servant, an employee of a national or municipal institution, an employee of a national or municipal organization, an organization in which the state own a majority stake. The Client is not a politically exposed person or a family member or relative of a politically exposed person.

The Client is not a person closely linked to a politically exposed person. The Client is not a person linked to the United States or other state in which the Company does not operate. The subject of the Agreement is the definition of the general conditions under which the Parties carry out transactions tradesthe content and procedure for which are set forth in this Agreement.

The Company sets and may alter at its sole discretion an essential condition for a transaction trademay limit the number of trades executed simultaneously, more info limit the number of trades that a Client may make within the time period set by the Company.

Asset — the underlying financial instrument of a binary option. An asset may be company stock, a stock index, currency pair the rate of a exchange of one currency into another currencygoods quoted on a commodity exchange, commodity options, etc. Deposit bonus депозит это Option deposit bonus депозит это a derivative financial instrument trade consisting of two transactions: However, the Company does not give the Client the ability to assume obligations in excess of the Trade Amount the Company will not provide the Client with leverage.

A payout is deposit bonus депозит это if the direction rate change direction Up is selected and, when the option expires, the asset rate is higher than the target level, or if the rate change direction Down is selected, when the option deposit bonus депозит это the asset rate is lower than the target level.

When the Client makes trades, money transferred by the Client is used first, and only after it is fully spent is the Client entitled to use the Bonus to make further trades. The Company may post rules governing the crediting, withdrawal, and use of Bonuses, the conversion of Bonuses into real money, go here rules governing the performance of other transactions involving Bonuses and Client funds which govern how a Bonus was awarded to the Client may on the website.

In addition to Bonuses, the Company deposit bonus депозит это also offer Clients risk-free transactions and pursue other ways of attracting and retaining customers; when the Client enters into such a risk-free transaction, he or she either receives earnings if the Client correctly predicted the direction of change in how an asset is trading or the amount of the transaction is refunded to the Client if the Client did not correctly predict the direction of change in how an asset is trading.

Company Website — an internet site at the address domain name olymptrade. Option Expiration Time — the time when the condition for payout of income on the option is checked.

Deposit bonus депозит это Income amount is determined at the time that the trade is executed. Execution of a trade — a trading transaction in which the essential conditions of a binary option trade are agreed by the Client and the Company. After it is made, the binary option trade is open. Closure of a trade — deposit bonus депозит это trading transaction in which an open binary option trade is liquidated.

Exceptional Situations - abnormal market conditions described in the Regulation on Trading Transactions. Payout ratio — the percentage that determines the Income amount set by the Company depending on the option asset and other conditions of the binary option.

Log Entry — a record in the database made by the Company Server that, with an accuracy to the second, logs all Client requests and orders as well as the result of their processing.

Each Client contact with the trading terminal and Dashboard is recorded in Log Entries. These deposit bonus депозит это data are the main source of information and are recognized by the Parties as evidence in case of disputes related to fulfillment of the Agreement. The Company reserves the right not to maintain Log Entries. Price Direction — an essential condition deposit bonus депозит это a binary option trade that вулкан платинум зеркало играть на деньги через the trade payout.

A price may change direction Up or Down. Open Trade — a binary option trade after the execution of the trade and before trade closure, for which it is not determined yet whether a payout will be made. Its office and correspondence address is: The Company is responsible for the actions of the Payment Agent as though they were its own actions.

Black Territory — the state of an open binary option trade if income on the trade can be paid click here on the basis of the current trade asset price.

After the Client replenishes the Balance of his or her account the first time, the Client is presented with the option of avoiding having deposit bonus депозит это reenter his or deposit bonus депозит это credit here information again in the future.

The Client needs only to confirm each operation to replenishment the Balance of his or her account. Trade — an agreement between the Client and the Company under which the Client pays the Trade Amount and the Company agrees to pay a fixed Income if the binary option conditions selected by the Client are fulfilled.

Withdrawal Method — one of the Funds Withdrawal methods offered to the Client that is posted on the deposit bonus депозит это terminal and in the Dashboard. Trade Amount — the amount paid by the Client to the Company when a trade is deposit bonus депозит это. Essential Conditions of a trading transaction essential conditions of a trade — the conditions that govern the payout of income from a trade to the Client by the Company.

A Client may have only one client account. Trading transactions — deposit bonus депозит это for executing and closing binary option trades between the Company and the Client. Trading transactions are carried out where the Company is registered. There is no physical delivery of assets during trading transactions. Trading Source — software through which the Deposit bonus депозит это can obtain real-time information about bidding on financial markets, to perform deposit bonus депозит это and non-trading transactions and receive messages from the Company.

All orders executed through the trading terminal are deemed placed personally by the Client. A trading terminal may not be used by Clients from countries whose laws prohibit binary option trading and other off-market derivative financial instruments or by Company employees, affiliates, and agents and their relatives. The part of the trading terminal that a Client can use for non-trading transactions under this agreement may be called the Dashboard.

Red Territory - the state of an open binary option trade if, at the current asset price, income cannot be deposit bonus депозит это out on that trade. Target Level - the asset price level, the attainment or non-attainment of which meets the condition for payout on the trade. The Client may configure a web browser to block cookie access to the computer.

However, for confidentiality and security, the Company does not store Client personal data including name, personal information, email address, etc. The deposit bonus депозит это used in this Agreement that are not defined in this section are to be construed according to generally accepted business customs and practices applicable to the trading of derivative financial instruments.

To communicate with the Client, the Company may use: The Client may also contact the Company by e-mail a help olymptrade. The Company may use contact information provided by the Client to send informational, marketing, and advertising materials, and service messages and to resolve other tasks.

The Company will determine the frequency with which it sends messages to the Client at its sole вулкан официальный игровых автоматов за 94. During registration the Client undertakes to provide correct and reliable identification information in accordance with requirements of the Client registration form.

The Company may also require that the Client be identified by click here a visit to an authorized Company-agent to provide the documents defined by http://pirkanmaanennakointipalvelu.info/bonus-na-depozit-pokerdom-dekabr-2015.php Company at its discretion. Login to the trading terminal is password protected.

The Client may not transfer the trading terminal password to third parties. The Client assumes full responsibility for password protection and prevention of unauthorized third party access to it.

The Company assumes no liability for any losses the Client may suffer in case of theft, loss or disclosure of the password to third parties or in case of unauthorized use of registration data by third parties.

The Parties have agreed that they will make every effort to settle all disputes between the Company and the Client related to transactions, payouts and other actions hereunder by means of negotiations.

The Client agrees that a delay in submission of the claim complaint is grounds for refusal to consider it; 5. Log entries from the Company Server always prevail over other evidence and proof. The Company assumes no liability for incomplete trades and will not compensate any financial damages or moral harm suffered by the Client with respect to what the Client considers to be lost profit. In addition to provision set forth in clauses 5.

The claim procedure for dispute resolution will be deemed followed if: Claim response time — sixty 60 calendar days after it is received by the Company. If it has reasonable grounds, the Company is entitled to claim the occurrence of force majeure events.

The Company must take proper deposit bonus депозит это to inform the Client about the occurrence of the force majeure events.

Force majeure events include but are not limited to: If the Company establishes a force majeure event, the Company may without prejudice to other rights of the Company take any of the following actions without prior written notice and at any time: The liability of the Parties hereto is determined by terms of the Agreement and of its annexes.

The Company is as responsible for the actions of its employees, departments, and payment agents as it is for its own actions. Regardless of the situation, persons affiliated with the Client are be defined as persons who are relatives of any degree of kinship to the Client; family members, partners or persons who are connected by any type of relationship to the Client; persons residing at the same address as the Client; persons using the same devices as the Client; persons recruited as a Company Client by that Company affiliate or Client; as well as persons engaged in any joint activity whether under the guise of a legal entity or not.

If the Client breaches this Agreement, the Company may, at its option: Suspend services to the Client, block access to the trading terminal. If the Client does not take deposit bonus депозит это measures or actions to address the reasons deposit bonus депозит это access was blocked within 30 thirty days, the Company may withdraw all funds from the trading account. If the Client violates the representations and guarantees set forth in clause 1. The Company assumes no liability to the Client for any damages, losses, lost profit, lost opportunities due to possible market fluctuationsexpenses or damages incurred by the Client as go here result of the execution of trades pursuant to the terms hereof.

To eliminate such discrepancy, the Company will adjust the data on the trading terminal in accordance with the information available on the Company Server. The Company reserves the right to cancel or close any Client trade under the conditions set forth in this Agreement; nevertheless, all transactions made by the Client as a result of this inaccurate information or an error remain in force and must be fulfilled both by the Client and the Company.

The client assumes full responsibility for protecting he password and safeguarding it against unauthorized third party access. The Company assumes no liability for breach improper discharge of the obligations hereunder if it was caused by force majeure events. The Company assumes no liability for any indirect, special, arbitrary, or punitive damages suffered by the Client, including, but not limited to, lost profit, loss of expected savings or loss of income, even if the Client was informed by the Company about the possibility of such damages.

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